Colouring pages to print

Hi everyone.

It’s been a really long time since I last posted a blogpost.

But today I want to talk about fun stuff. About colouring pages for children and for adults also! Did you know they make colouring pages for us as well? :) Here is an example od colouring pages for adults ( kolorowanki dla dorosłych ) By the way this website right here —-> kolorowanki <—- is a website I created with my husband :) It’s in polish but some bits are translated. Well we are still working on it so the whole thing is in english. But there is a lot of colourig pages for children like those 4d305-kolorowanki2bz2bbajki2bkraina2blodu2bdo2bwydrukowania2c2bkolorowanki2c2bmalowanki2bdo2bwydrukowania2c2bkolorowanki2bdla2bdzieci2cdla2bdzieci2c2bcoloring2bfrozen2cdo2bwydru1 302dd-princess-luna-coloring-pages a8da0-9

Of course we have Frozen, My little Pony, Minions and all the famous characters :) You can find our colouring pages, kolorowanki do wydruku , also here one pinterest —>

There is lots of benefits of colouring pages, but the best part is that there is a lot of fun doing it:) Especially when you have your favourite character to colour :)

I hope some of you will find few interesting colouring pages for you or your children:) Have a good day!!


Getting it write


Gilt-edged formality or romantic florals? Crisp white or elegant champagne? Ornate type face or plain? Calligraphy? Embossing? Engraving? Invitation cards, RSVPs, wedding booklets for the church, place name cards for the reception – the wedding paper trail can be exhausting! – See more at:

Photographing babies

I love photography. I could say it’s one of my best things to do. Especially photographing kids. They are natural, beautiful with flawless skin. Recently I took pictures of 4 amazing babies. I’am not a profesional, and I don’t even have a great camera or lens. I work on Canon 550D, 50mm 1.5ft, so as you see, nothing special. But first I have to learn on this camera to go level up :)


Here is a baby Jewel, always happy and smiling girl.

_MG_0440 lkmnj l _MG_0418 _MG_0396 _MG_0376 _MG_0367 _MG_0361 _MG_0396


Here is my cousin Abigail

_MG_0360 _MG_0358 _MG_0437 _MG_0438


Another cousin Sophie

_MG_0397 _MG_0372 _MG_0389


And my mom’s cousin baby Nell

_MG_0171 _MG_0121 _MG_0185 _MG_0203 _MG_0127 _MG_0211 _MG_0147

Tuning up for the upcoming winter


Do you like winter? Because I DO! Snow-capped mountains, winter sports, mulled wine in the tavern on the bottom of the mountain… I love this atmosphere! And I loved snowboard. Unfortunately after the accident I had last year I do not feel the love for snowboard anymore. I don’t feel I will be able to get back to it for several years, so maybe  I’ll try to go skiing in the upcoming season.

Imagine one week in a house like this:


Imagine wearing warm, cozy sweater and feel the warmth of the fireplace…

d4 domek2_01 zakopane,tatra,house,stylowe,domki,do,wynajecia,87953,800x600

Ahhh I can’t wait to spend my winter holidays like this!zakopane,tatra,house,stylowe,domki,do,wynajecia,87955,800x600

And here are few pictures from the mountains I was last year. It’s in Poland.


czarna góra (1) czarna góra (2) czarna góra (3) czarna góra (4) czarna góra (5) czarna góra (6)czarna góra (7)

I know I wasn’t writing for a long time, you know:  new job = no life ;) 

For those who love winter- enjoy it and have fun!

Cheers! :)

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring :)

Hello everyone:)

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring, right?! ;) Instead of eating standard breakfast which usually is sandwich or a bowl of cereal you can use different ideas.

Here are few breakfast ideas that I love! ;)

And for those who do not eat breakfast in the morning… you should change your habit! It’s the most important meal:)

śniadania (2)

Crackers + cheese + cucumber + 100% orange juice. Easy and quick.

śniadania (5)

Totally irish breakfast + tea with milk. Tasty, but takes about 20 min to prepare.

śniadania (6) Italy breakfast coffee + croissant but instead of espresso I like latte macchiato.

śniadania (1)

Soo healthy and tasty breakfast! Different kinds of fruits + pu erh tea (red tea).śniadania (3) śniadania (4)

śniadankoOne of my favourite breakfasts ! Natural yoghurt + wheat bran + kiwi!


And the last one- porridge with milk and mint tea:)

What is your favourite breakfast?